• On-site concrete inspection

    The first and most vital stage in a good diagnosis is obtaining an in-depth overview of the works.

  • Concrete testing

    The samples are taken to our own laboratory where petrographic, chemical and physical tests are conducted.

  • Concrete scanning
    Concrete scanning

    Once the areas of investigation are defined, on-site non-destructive testing techniques are implemented.

  • Concrete durability

    The collected data are interpreted with specific attention to concrete durability and sustainable repair.

  • Concrete sampling 

    The number and type of specimens are chosen based on the type of analysis to be conducted in the laboratory.

  • Concrete Repair Guidance
    Concrete Repair Guidance

    The restoration solutions proposed may relate to the conservation of the concrete or of rebars.

Investigation and Guidance for Concrete Repair

Combining the skills of a geologist and four engineers, Diagnostic-Beton is designed for building professionals who have to deal with the assessment of concrete degradation:

  • construction and project managers
  • property and legal professionals
  • insurance companies
  • architects.

Our added value:

  • auscultation and identification of concrete pathologies
  • degradation diagnostics
  • technical advice, and supervision of concrete repairs.

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